2500 WATTS


The BWP-1555 is a 3 way passive speaker monitor with dual 15” woofers and 44mmTitanium Diaphragm tweeter behind a molded horn. The cabinet is made of MDF woodwrapped in high durability carpet with molded carrying handles. Connectivity isachieved through a standard set of speaker wire terminals, a Speakon Input and a ¼”Audio Jack input. Expandability options include a Speakon output and ¼” Audio Jackoutput. Max power handling is 3500W


  • Dual 15” Woofers with 65mm VC and 50oz. magnet
  • 44mm Titanium Diaphragm Tweeter behind a molded horn
  • 2500W peak power handling
  • Speakon, ¼” Audio Jack, Bare wire speaker inputs
  • Speakon, ¼” Audio Jack outputs
  • Molded Carrying handles

UPC: 710645115792