Blackmore Mobile Electronics Rebrands Itself with a New Logo, New Packaging and a Renewed Outlook

Blackmore Mobile Electronics Rebrands Itself with a New Logo, New Packaging and a Renewed Outlook
February 17, 2014 admin

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Los Angeles, CA (October 4, 2011) – Riding on the cusp of the upcoming 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in January, Blackmore Mobile Electronics has unveiled a full-scale rebranding initiative with a new company logo, redesigned packaging, upgraded displays and major advancements to their mobile product lineup for the 2012 show season.

BAC-430Blackmore’s new look began with a significant overhaul to its logo, which has been its visual anchor since the brand launched in 2004. The Blackmore logo has evolved from what was once a bold, orange-shaped logo enveloped in flames to a more contemporary look which appeals widely to its demanding, savvy target audience. The new Blackmore logo has been updated to incorporate a boldly designed bat as its icon, matched with a vibrant font spelling out the words, Blackmore Mobile Electronics.
According to a Blackmore representative, “Our back-up cameras provide the same safety and luxury features regardless of how old your vehicle is or how much it costs. All four models are available now and can be found at your nearest Blackmore Mobile Electronics retailer.”

“With the resurgence and popularity of car audio entertainment in 2011, we felt now was the time to revolutionize our products and, more importantly, our brand’s image,” said Blackmore representative, Bo Parvizi. “For months we have been working feverishly to breathe new life into our product lineup by creating a more modern logo and significant improvements to the performance of all Blackmore products.”

In addition to the new logo, all Blackmore product packaging will go through major overhauls with new packaging scheduled to be released late 2011 and into the 2012 season. Along with the new look and packaging comes a buzz and sense of excitement for their dealers around the world.

Continued Parvizi, “Our customers and dealers expect quality, excitement and innovation when it comes to Blackmore products. Not only that, the industry demands it. The re-branding efforts reflect our same commitment to push our creative limits and evolve with the rapidly changing 12-volt industry.”

For the 2012 CES Show in Las Vegas, Blackmore Mobile Electronics will debut their new product offerings and launching a unique and profitable marketing plan to their dealers and partners, both current and new. Big changes are expected at CES and into 2012 season with a whole new product mix based on a good-better-best product mix. The audio lineup will be greatly expanded with brand new technology to keep up with the industry’s rapid growth. In addition, Blackmore fans will also find a very competitive mix of video products with regard to price and quality.
“Exciting things are on the horizon for Blackmore Mobile Electronics,” voiced Parvizi. “Be on the look-out for a complete rebrand of our website, new product catalogs, and sales/marketing materials in the months leading up to CES 2012.”

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