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Battery Care

How to protect and maintain the battery of your Blackmore Portable speaker
(not all models have a rechargeable battery)

Your Blackmore Speaker comes with a non spill able lead acid battery preinstalled. There are no user serviceable parts on your speaker. However, the battery’s life depends on how you charge and maintain it. Below are several crucial points you must follow in order to preserve the life and performance of your battery and protect your factory warranty.

  1. Allow a full charge before use.
  2. Do not over charge your battery. Disconnect from power source once battery is full.
  3. Do not allow your battery to fully drain.

Step one:
When you first plug your speaker into a power source (12V or AC) you begin to charge your unit for the first time. It is important to allow a complete charge before you disconnect from a power source or use the speaker for the first time. Allowing a full charge before use ensures that all the cells in your battery are activated. Full cell activation only happens during initial charge.

Step two:
Ensure that you disconnect the power source from the battery once it is fully charged. Over charging the battery will cause the cells in the battery to break down and deteriorate.
All rechargeable Blackmore Speakers have a battery status indicator that shows when the battery is fully charged.

Step three:
Never allow the battery on your unit to drain completely. Draining the battery completely will also cause the cells within the battery to lose their conductivity. You can tell when your battery is running low by the battery status indicator or by your speaker producing a gradual lower volume.

Following these steps will ensure that your battery performs and lasts the full life of your speaker.  Not following these steps will void our warranty.